Business space through the prism of Enlight

Reference facilities equipped with professional lighting from the solution development phase to successful implementation:

Tigar Tyres

Cooper Tyres

Toyo Tyres​

Fabrika Vakcina

MINT pharm

  • BOYSEN factory Subotica (safety lighting, central battery system, and programming)
  • ETHNOGRAPHIC MUSEUM Belgrade (exhibition lighting)
  • COMTRADE Sarajevo (complete lighting)
  • TERMOVAR Obrenovac (complete lighting)
  • SIKA Šimanovci (security lighting and air signalization)
  • GRADINA Belgrade (exterior lighting of the material warehouse)
  • PAN-LEDI Nova Pazova Nova Pazova (exterior lighting of the complex)
Konstantno i aktivno radimo na We are constantly and actively working on new projects for lighting, central battery systems, and DALI / KNX management for both domestic and foreign investors.