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Why Enlight

With Enlight as a partner, you will get more than you expect, quality service without uncertainty and stress during realization and delivery./span>

Our team of experts takes care of everything needed in all phases of project implementation.

We have ready solutions for everyday challenges.

Secure your bright future

Enlight d.o.o. Belgrade is a company specialized in lighting, founded to provide its clients with a high level of professional services and offer a selection of quality products for professional purposes.

We are recognized in the market for our commitment to the client and the project entrusted to us with the excellent support of the equipment manufacturers we represent and distribute.

We have many years of experience in various projects: business facilities, hotels, heavy industry, sales facilities, logistics, and warehousing facilities.

We provide complete support in lighting: consulting, lighting calculations, lighting design and management, budgeting, techno-economic analysis, verification measurements, equipment offers, equipment delivery, installation support, commissioning, after-sales support, and regular annual maintenance.

In our work, we adhere to the corresponding standards: SRPS EN, EN, IEC, CIE, and ISO. We adhere to guidelines in technical standards or systems such as HACCP, GEP, etc. In addition to domestic and international standards at the client’s request.

Quality is imperative provided by professionals with appropriate education and training, years of experience, and appropriate licenses.

Secure your bright future.